FAQ (Eng): What is the Leading Online?

"Leading Online: Elite 6-week Research Learning Program" is where student's first research starts. Research is never just about the study of one subject; it often requires a combination of focus, creativity, knowledge, and courage to explore beyond the existing boundaries, all of which are key to success. We are committed to introducing academic research early into students' learning experience.

The program is launched in our pursuit of delivering research-based learning to more students in more regions, without geographic limitations. It offers online-classroom research experience with research professors from the world’s most renowned universities. Students can work in a research group of 8-10 students with the chosen professor.

The goal is for students to develop a research proposal, complete data collection, and have a thesis draft. Students generally accomplish the paper 2-3 months after the program with helps from our TA’s and academic writing instructors.

Upon successful completion of the chosen course, students will receive: 1. Letter of Recommendation by Professor 2. Program Transcript & Evaluation by Professor 3. Certificate of Completion 4. Program Recommendation Letter 5. Paper Published in the International Journal (Optional)

More Details Each program is 30 hours across 6 weeks, 2 hours/week lectures in the first five weeks followed by 3 hours/week research discussions in the remaining weeks.

Each class will have TA(s) to help coordinate the online sessions and help students with research writing. The TA will also provide 1 hour of an additional session after the professor's session.

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